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Welcome to Eyes of Aum

 This page is dedicated to the gathering of information for the further education of the reader and the public at large as well as material gathering in relation to a book I'm planning.

The book will or will not be born depending upon the amount of data this IDGI (Informational Data Gathering Interface) supplies.

I have implemented this IDGI in several variations accross the Internet to cast as it were a wider net. I have high hopes about this project and thank you in advance for your interest and participation.

The Reason

Data/material gathering to be sure, but deeply connected to that is that there are some things about the world I find myself in that are of concern or curiosity to me and I hope to get your feedback in an effort to check my interpretations/experiences against your own... Thus furthering my own understanding and awareness on any given subject.

The Focus-Western Medicine in the US or abroad

The focus of the present book is the darker side of  "Western Medicine"

For greater detail relating to the why of this focus or to lend support via particpation please enter the community.

Future projects/topics will include but not be limited to;

Politics in the US and abroad.

The Pharmaceutical Industry.

And anything else that may come up for me…

Once again I thank you in advance for your participation.

Thank you. :)

And so then let's begin... Enter Here or if you prefer the Runboard version Enter Here